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At Rebbecca Rose Photography, we specialize in documenting your wedding with beautiful images that will transport you back to your wedding day for years (and generations) to come.

I could spend all day hanging out with my dogs.
Margaritas > hard cider > beer.
The smell of lilacs is one of my favorite things about early summer.
I could live off of Farmer's Inn salsa.
Spontaneous road trips with friends rule.
 My friends and I spent a lot of our recess time on the playground singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs. 
I once spent two entire days on a white sand beach and didn't get sunburned.
Yep, that fair-skinned redhead. No sunburn! 
Despite living in Colorado my entire life, I've never been skiing or snowboarding.
Taking the long way home is often the best way home.

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Sheila & Kenny

“My wedding pictures came out beautifully! They reflected our personality... Rebbecca and her counterpart were fun and professional. I wouldn't change a thing about our photography experience. I. love. our. pictures.”

“Becca and her second photographer did a fantastic job! They even helped solve a crisis with my dress :-) I was very pleased with the photos as well.”

Helen & Shane

“Throughout the whole planning process, Rebecca was right there working with us. She isn't just an amazing photographer, but super flexible when it came to things coming up throughout the whole planning process and working through issues. She truly does listen to what is it you want as well as making suggestions to things you didn't think about. ”

Katie & Damian

Spring 2022
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You need direction with posing. (Seriously -- what do you DO with your hands?) I will help you pose in flattering ways, including many that look unposed!

You are okay with me dancing at your reception. Just on the sidelines -- and it probably won't be good -- but it's going to happen. Blame your DJ!

You know that your photographs will outlast other mementos of your love story. Once the cake has been eaten, the gifts opened and "thank you's" sent, and your wedding attire hung up, you'll have your wedding photos to look back on -- and so will future generations.

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Contact me today! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding! 

You value genuine interaction. Not only will I be real with you throughout our relationship, I also have prompts to elicit genuine reactions and interactions between you and your partner/s.
(Those are what you'll remember in years to come, after all!)

You value the little moments. While the big moments stitch the fabric of our lives together, you know that the tiny, little moments are what make up the actual fabric.

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